I really hate that watching TV is associated with being lazy and boring while reading books is associated with being smart and profound. Both are really fucking great ways of telling stories and if you find a story that moves you, whether it’s a 900 page novel, a tv show, a film, a comic, or a sentence engraved on a slice of bread IT IS WORTHY OF YOUR TIME!!

Miss u when r u coming over

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I’m seventeen years old I should spent my weekends with getting drunk and partying and here I am listening to up all night while playing polly pocket with my niece

Update: we are playing barbie and up all night is still on shuffle

Well I’m nineteen I’m listening to one direction on shuffle on Spotify while playing candy crush what am I doing


#is he FOLDING IT #is he fucking FOLDING THAT TOWEL #hes FOLDING IT #thats a PRIORITY in his eyes #folding a towel hes gonna THROW #i got a ton a words for this

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calum is probably that kind of boy who would say “that’s my girl” to his friends

then slap your ass




Shaun King exposes Ferguson PD lie about distance from SUV

Click here to watch the video

This needs to be brought to attention IMMEDIATELY!!!!!

I don’t even understand what they’re expecting anymore. if they can lie to us to our face and us KNOW the truth, what power do we have , then?


in the most random combination of people to ever happen

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